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As its name suggests, the Gulf Pacific Press focuses on Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East as its primary areas of concentration and audience. It supports the lifestyles and promotes the values and aspirations of those living in these regions and intends to give them a voice they might not otherwise have. This obviously represents a widely varied part of the world, and we strive to celebrate its differences as well as its similarities.

Almost none of the major publishers in the western hemisphere offer books on architecture today that give balanced representation to those practicing in Asia, South-east Asia and the Middle East. We do.

To do so, we not only publish books about this entire geographical area,but also to provide a marketplace of both crafts and ideas that will showcase the remarkable talents of its people, to not only sustain them but to help them flourish. We also offer a meeting place for information about architecture and design throughout the entire region, to help keep the public informed about new developments and trends. We are a young, rapidly growing company that focuses on the history, culture and well-established traditions of the regions we serve. With its headquarters in New York City and a subsidiary in Los Angeles, California, Gulf Pacific maintains a constant presence in the Asian and Middle Eastern arena, tracking events related to the built environment throughout this region. This is reflected in the growing list of titleswe have to offer and the variety of subjects that they cover, from the work of its most famous architects and the issues that concern them, through in-depth studies of individual treasures of local heritage, to general interest titles by experts in their field.

Gulf Pacific Press also offers titles in e-book format and is constantly increasing its online presence on all forms of social media.