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Liu Jiakun: Collected Works

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Liu Jiakun: Collected Works


Author: James Steele

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Since founding his own firm in 1999, Liu Jiakun has resolutely managed to create an architectural language that is completely different from anyone else now producing architecture in China. He is of the transitional generation that came into it’s own after Deng Xiaopeng opened the nation up to a more liberal economic system, and has experienced both the enforced anonymity of working for a collective government bureau and the heady success of being a superstar on the world stage. Jiakun achieved fame as a writer and an artist in China before concentrating on architecture.

This overview begins with a series of small art galleries designed for a group of artists he works with, and then moves through progressively larger projects as his fame has increased, including the Luyeyuan Stone Sculpture Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chendu, the Clock Museum of the Cultural Revolution, the Shujingfang Museum, the Jinhua Architecture Park and Teahouses, and the Nanjing CIPEA Housing Collaborative.

What becomes obvious in reviewing his rapidly growing body of work is his dedication to personal ideals, including modesty, rugged simplicity, and sensitivity to the context of each project. This sets him apart from those who seek to adopt the latest trends, just to gain momentary fame, and ensures that his growing reputatuin is sure to endure.

This timely monograph is the first comprehensive study of his complete work, to date.


ISBN: 9780986281822
Library of Congress Control Number: 2015914460

Format 26.70x24.00 cm, binding: casebound with jacket, 256 pages. Illustrations: 360 illustrations, 323 in colour, and black and white drawings, plans, sections and elevations.