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Mediating the Future


Mediating the Future


Author: James Steele

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This documents the upward trajectory of one of the most exciting young architects in China today.Xiaodong approaches each project as an opportunity to extrapolate the spiritual characteristics of its unique context into built form. He believes that each design must should reflect an overall balance of aesthetic quality, tectonic order, precise detailing with the program. He begins with a careful analysis of each program and site to determine the relationship between local resources and his design concept, so that materials play a central role in the overall integration of his ideas.

His painstaking conceptual search, in arriving at what he terms “a new regionalism”, is conducted by investigating both cultural and climatic considerations, in his quest to capture the spiritual essence of "place". He strives for tranquility and harmony, derived through space, light and structural order. Relevant precedents and past experiences and knowledge are also important to him, in arriving at what can best be described as a spiritual exploration that combines an artistic, subjective response to each design situation with an objective, technical, rational thought process. As a highly regarded professor at Tsinghua University he has focused on understanding Chinese architecture and his built works are directly connected to his academic research, as indicated by his co-authored books Form Making in Traditional Chinese Architecture, and The Chinese Conception of Space. Projects presented here include his Liyuan Library, Casa da Aqua, and Bridge School as well as his recent extension for the School of Architecture at Tsinghua University. He received the Aga Khan Award for Architecture for this last project in Xiaoxi, China in 2009 and has recently been awarded the Moriyama Prize for Innovation.


ISBN: 9780986281860
Library of Congress Control Number: 2015951071

Format 26.70x24.00 cm, binding: casebound with jacket, 256 pages. Illustrations: 360 illustrations, 323 in colour, and black and white site plan, plans, sections and elevations.